30 International Nature Photography Contests

30 International Nature Photography Contests

IRCC offers the present compilation of information concerning 30 of the most representative international nature photography competitions. It does not pretend to be a compendium of all current photographic contests, nor does the order in which they are shown obey any criteria. All the collected data has been extracted from the competition rules published by each event.

Among the various conclusions that can be drawn from this information, the most relevant is the diversity of the criteria for admission of photographs stipulated between the different photo competitions.

IRCC promotes the adoption of homogeneous standards and the certification of photographs as a guarantee of veracity and credibility, being the main task of the IRCC.PHOTO technological platform, to serve as an advisory support to both photographers and competitions in the verification of authenticity of photographs. .

Since the start of our association's activity, IRCC continues to increase the service offered to photographers and competitions, with more than 8,000 certifications issued and more than 900 registered photographers.

IRCC has signed collaboration agreements with various competitions here detailed, as well as with other national or regional competitions. The flexibility of parameterization and configuration of the IRCC.PHOTO platform, facilitates this collaboration, being able to fully adapt the IRCC certification standard, or serve as a fundamental support tool in the decisions of the juries of each photo contest for each and every one of the verification aspects in which IRCC supports the photo verification process.

The IRCC platform allows checking the authenticity of photographs for any competition, regardless of the image format to be verified (RAW or original JPG support), for any adopted pixel resolution required by the competition, as well as being able to select the level of processing required.

If you wish to receive by email the file with the information on these contests for greater reading comfort, write to us at info@ircc.photo