New section …. “PHOTO OF THE MONTH” - 2022

New section …. “PHOTO OF THE MONTH” - 2022

IRCC opens a new section…. “PHOTO OF THE MONTH”. A monthly compilation with an exclusive selection of photographs commented by expert collaborators.

We open a new section that will contain a compilation of exclusive photographs, selected from all those images published by their authors in the public galleries of IRCC certifications (

Participation in this section requires having checked the “Allow publication” option to make your certified photograph visible in public galleries, which will entail:

- The recognition and entry in this exclusive section of photographs, commented by expert collaborating photographers.

- The automatic obtaining of a free annual subscription for certification of your photographs.

From April 2022, a maximum of one or two photographs will be selected on a monthly basis, among any certified public photograph on any date, which will be incorporated into this new space. Therefore, we invite you to make your certified photographs public and be part of this exclusive image gallery.


Author - André PHILIPPON  /  Title – “chasse au gnou“

The author of this photograph "André PHILIPPON", opens this section and has obtained a free annual subscription to the IRCC photography certification service.

EXIF photo data:

NIKON D6 / AF-S Nikkor 500mm f/4E FL ED VR

f/4 - 1/30 - ISO 5000

IRCC certification information:

Comments about this photograph:

The author skillfully manages to capture a fast-paced scene of pure action, with the result of a scene of authentic wild photography that is tremendously plastic and dynamic. The image, with the presence of two of the most emblematic species that symbolize the eternal natural struggle for survival in the African savannah, could perfectly be part of one of the best stills from well-known wildlife programs broadcast by National Geographic or the BBC. Vertiginousness, agility and full of energy are undoubtedly features of this scene, where the low shutter speed used provides an extra dose of dynamism to the whole and is key to achieving a photograph as successful as this one.

It is not easy for sure in any type of photographic safari, to be able to get a good position or a good angle of attack to satisfactorily frame this type of explosive scenes, being therefore a clear example of skill on the part of the photographer, who manages to capture the two protagonists faced and confronted each other, with an aesthetic foreshortening of the lioness looking for her moment against a wildebeest defending himself bravely, threatening to start his career against her.

The optimal point of sharpness in the main figures despite of the slow shutter speed used, in addition to the soft and filtered light, are also elements that contribute to the result of this magnificent photograph selected by the team of IRCC collaborators as "Photograph of the month".

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