Juan Pablo Plaza Pozo

Juan Pablo Plaza Pozo
When you spend so much time (or even more) checking your photographic equipment that your scuba gear, you realize that underwater photography poison runs through your veins.

Born in 1969 in Madrid, I spent childhood in the countryside, so far from the sea than the first time I was on the coast, I was 10 years old. 

Many years later, and with several hundred dives in my logbook, I trained as a diving instructor. And with an strong will to show the fantastic underwater world to all those around me, I began taking pictures on my dives.

The beginnings were disappointing. You might consider lucky guy if each dive, 1 or 2 slides were simply correctly exposed…but the digital photography revolution came and without any  doubt, one of the photographic fields in which most impacted, has been the underwater photography...we can see the results as soon as you push the shutter, and we have forgotten the limitation of 36 exp per dive….Now I can´t imagine dive without my cameras…

AEFONA (Spanish Association of Nature Photographers), FONAMAD (Nature Photographers Association of Madrid) and PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) membership, focused on teaching basics for underwater photography, sharing with pupils and friends a clear message about conservation and respect for the underwater world. My images (not only underwater) have been awarded and recognized in different international photo contest, like Montphoto, Asferico, Golden Turtle, Photo Montier, Bird Photographer of the Year, FIO,  Festival de L´Oiseau,  Cadiz PhotoNature, Narava, Magical Nature, Festival de la Camargue, EDC Natura...