IRCC Photo Association ...

IRCC Photo Association ... "for the sake of transparency"

Several months have passed since the beginning of the IRCC Photographic Association, in an especially difficult year due to the circumstances known to all.

Recently, the Board of Directors of IRCC and members of the association, we met with a regular agenda for analysis of the activities carried out and, especially oriented, to the debate on all the possible improvements that we should introduce in view of the experience of this initial stage.

It is my wish to share with you our own concerns within the association, while at the same time letting you know what are the purposes and objectives that we set for ourselves in the immediate future. And therefore, I want to share with you these aspects that we consider extremely important to transfer to you:

• Our main mission is to serve the community of photographers, not pretending in any way to be a business or have any commercial purpose, which is absolutely far from the objective of the association.

• From the beginning, we have sought to provide ourselves with a structure that is as transparent as possible, and we will continue working on it.

• The entire management of our activity is in charge of the non-profit entity, IRCC Photo Association, which I lead with the rest of the team of our Board of Directors and support from the rest of the partners.

• We intend at all times to be at the service of associations, photography federations and other groups, in a collaborative way and in support of them.

• We pursue at all times the right balance that allows to sustain the operation of the technological structure and the management that its maintenance entails, through fees that we will always try to minimize as much as possible with that exclusive objective of maintaining the structure and introducing the necessary improvements and development of our platform.

• With this in mind and after a few months of learning, we have tried and will continue trying to channel offers and promotions to users that allow us to reduce the cost of use and make participation as extensive as possible to all photographers.

• IRCC does not intend to regulate, or dictate standards, or obligations at any time. Simply, offering guarantees to all photographers through strict objective criteria, based on acceptable standards for most competitions where it is necessary to prove the authenticity of each photograph.

• We want to disseminate and enhance the value of our tool, as a unique forensic analysis instrument in the world, conceived by our colleagues (almost all of AEFONA members) and developed by qualified, accessible engineering at the service of all photographers.

• Thus, there are already 9 national and international photography contests, hoping that there will be many more in the near future, which have entrusted us with the analysis of original files and whose Directorate and Juries have been provided with reliable and helpful information, having expressed us their appreciation for the high added value that it has brought to their decision making.

Finally, I want to tell you that we will continue working and listening to all those proposals and suggestions that contribute to making this association an entity at the service of all nature photographers.

Paco Membrives

President of IRCC Photographic Association