If you are an IRCC subscriber, you are in luck. If you aren´t, too !!!

If you are an IRCC subscriber, you are in luck. If you aren´t, too !!!

This is a good time to open the IRCC door to your photos, because from now on:

1) "IF YOU TRY IRCC" - With the promotional welcome code "IRCC_START" you will receive 5 free certifications.

2) "IF YOU SUBSCRIBE to IRCC" - The annual subscription to IRCC will allow you to certify 25 photographs and be able to receive double credits in all published promotions.

3) "IF YOU SHARE on NETWORKS" - You will receive free credits by publishing your certified photos with the QR code on Facebook and Instagram together:

 -  For every 3 certified photographs published on FB + IG, send an email to info@ircc.photo with the links to the publications of your certified images.

 - You will receive a pack of 30 free credits in your IRCC user account if you do not have an annual subscription and 50 free credits if you have a formalized annual subscription.

 - The same certification with QR published on FB and IG counts as one publication and must be published in both media. If you do not have an account on FB or IG by only using one of the two media, publishing on one or the other channel is also supported.

4) "IF YOU TAKE PART in PHOTO CONTESTS" - You have all the promotions of free credits for participating in associated contests in this section "https://www.ircc.photo/promociones". Also, if you have a yearly subscription to IRCC, you will get double the free credits indicated in each promotion.

5) "IF YOU PUBLISH your PROFILE" - With the publication of your profile as a photographer registered in IRCC (https://www.ircc.photo/fotografos), you will receive a pack of 30 free credits (60 credits if you also have a annual subscription).


And that's not all ... Now you can formalize a "PREFERRED SUBSCRIPTION" with even more advantageous conditions. Check the new "PLAN 100x100" in the "My Subscription" section of your personal menu in IRCC. Take advantage of this option and get:

• 1,000 credits to certify your images

• Multiply by "3" the free certifications advertised in the "Promotions" section

• Access to the Association's internal newsletters.


!Do not hesitate!! Come and take advantage of this moment.

Note - These conditions are applicable from September 14 and are not retroactive for already registered users.