I Photographic Contest

I Photographic Contest "FEDER INTEGRATION" 2020

Photo contest promoted by IRCC Photo Association for the exclusive benefit of Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases (FEDER)

Photography is undoubtedly an authentic instrument of social awareness and we want your images to constitute a tool for the dissemination of cultural, social and environmental wealth, as well as the need for its protection and conservation. We also want your photographs to contribute to transmitting values ??and highlight the importance of our effort to promote the integration of those less favored groups.

Favoring didactic practices that embrace diversity, enriching others with our contributions, helping to overcome barriers and limitations of understanding or knowledge, or promoting awareness and respect for principles and values ??such as solidarity, preservation and tolerance, are the main objectives of our INTEGRATION message, under which we invite you to participate in this new meeting point.

In this first edition of this small and exciting project, the result of individual altruistic contributions and collaboration between various entities, the Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases (FEDER) will be the beneficiary entity of this Photography Contest promoted by IRCC, which under the motto of "INTEGRATION" will be convened annually by same date.

IRCC Photographic Association, therefore, invites you to take part in the First Photography Contest "feder integration", a contest for the exclusive benefit of FEDER.


FEDER was born in 1999 with the aim of being the speaker in our country, of the more than three million people who suffer from some of the diseases considered as rare. Thanks to the work and effort of hundreds of volunteers, associations, foundations and collaborating entities, FEDER achieves its main objective: “to improve the lives of people with rare diseases”. Meet and join FEDER, visiting www.enfermedades-raras.org

Participation in this contest is subject to registration fees and your contribution will be allocated entirely to the ERDF to contribute to all their aid and integration projects.

Participation is exclusively online and registrations must be processed on the web: www.federintegracion.com

This contest is associated to IRCC and all participants can request to info@ircc.photo the exchange of 30 free credits that can be accumulated to other promotions.

IRCC will be in charge of reviewing and verifying all the finalist photographs, recommending that all participants certify all their images to be submitted to the competition.


• Participation in the contest with photographs certified by IRCC consists of the presentation of the same JPG file of 1920px resolution on the larger side, with which the certification of the photograph was requested in WWW.IRCC.PHOTO.
• Obtaining the IRCC certification allows you to guarantee the authenticity of your photograph and is materialized by calculating and registering a secure SHA256 code associated with the certified file.
• It should be taken into account that any modification made to your certified JPG file will result in the alteration of its hash code, losing the status of “certified file” and the option to be used for submission to the contest.
• The simple opening and saving of your JPG file certified with any editing program, involves the alteration of the secure code SHA256.
• The modification of the name of the certified JPG file (rename action of the file in Windows or MAC), does not entail the alteration of the hash code of the file.
• IRCC maintains a copy of the certified JPG file on its servers for 4 years, which can be downloaded at any time by the user.
• Any information on the requirements for obtaining certified photographs can be consulted at www.ircc.photo

Follow these simple steps to participate under "IRCC CERTIFICATES" modality

1. Register in IRCC.PHOTO

2. Redeem all your promotional codes in your dashboard (see “Promotions” section)

3. Start certifying your images by uploading your edited JPG file at 1920px (longest side) together with its RAW file (see sections “How to Certify” and “FAQs”)

4. If you wish to certify more photographs to participate in AEFONA competition, access the information available in the “Subscription Plans” section


* The automatic diagnostic process is completed by the IRCC software in less than 4 minutes for each pair of JPG-RAW files. Additionally, approximately same time is required in a final visual control process carried out by the IRCC Controllers. The certification process of each photograph therefore requires approximately a total of 8 to 10 minutes on average, which may vary to a greater or lesser extent for each photograph.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned times, it must be taken into account that not all certification requests can be dealt with instantly, and it may take a few hours to obtain a response to the certification request. In any case, IRCC guarantees the resolution of certification requests within a maximum period of 18 hours from the moment the request is completed. Keep this circumstance in mind and anticipate the request for your certifications, avoiding processing them in the last 24 hours prior to contest deadline.

* IRCC certification will allow you to guarantee the authenticity of your EDITED IMAGE. The certificate is obtained by calculating and registering the SHA256 hash code associated to the certified file. The hash code is a secure 64-character code resulting from algorithmic function and uniquely linked to your edited JPG photograph.

* The image file you must submit to FOTONOJA, should be the same JPG file with which you requested IRCC certification (it is recommended to keep a copy of the JPG file certified).

* Any modification you make on your certified JPG file will result in the alteration of its hash code, losing so the status of “certified file” and the option of being used for any purpose related to the certification obtained.

* The simple opening and subsequent saving of your certified JPG file by any software for images edition, involves the alteration of the hash code (the opening and saving action implies a change of date in the metadata of the file).

* The modification of the name of the certified JPG file (rename action of the file in Windows or MAC), does not entail the alteration of the hash code of the file.

* IRCC will keep a copy of the certified JPG file on its servers for a period of 4 years, which you can download at any time from your registered user account.

* Your certified JPG file may be used in competitions associated with IRCC, in which you will participate as a "certified photographer".

* Participation in competitions associated with IRCC as a "certified photographer" and presentation of your certified JPG files, means that you are not required to provide RAW files of your images at any time from the competition management.

* Participation with IRCC CERTIFICATIONS involves the presentation of only IRCC certified photographs.