Sony World Photography Awards …. Authentic Photography?

Sony World Photography Awards …. Authentic Photography?

“Sony World Photography Awards” aims to be one of the most important photography competitions internationally. And perhaps this may seem so if we consider the high money prizes awarded, with an endowment of more than 60,000USD plus Sony equipment shared among all categories. Also, it could be so if we observe the outreach of the participation records with 327,000 images in its 2019 edition, from 195 countries.

World Photography Organisation ( is the institution who has been running this competition. Following statement can be seen at web site… “a 13 year partnership with Sony bringing you one of the world's leading photography competitions”

As part of contents published at competition site, Sony’s commitment is announced so … “The objective of the Sony World Photography Awards is to establish a platform for the continuous development of photographic culture. The Awards do this by recognizing great contributions to photography in the past through the Outstanding Contribution to Photography prize as well as finding new talents of the future and providing them with the opportunity to be promoted and exhibited around the world.”

Among the different categories open at competition, “Sony World Photography Awards” includes “Natural World & Wildlife” category, as well as a new “Environment” category, which has been introduced to 2020 Professional competition in recognition of the growing importance of this topic in both fine art photography and photojournalism.

All those who belong to our photographic community, know that Nature Photography and Photojournalism are both absolutely linked to documentary photography, which is far from aspects like photo manipulation, retouch or postproduction. What happens within the context of nature, wildlife and society is our real world, and so must be shown, under total absence of any attempt of fakes that more and more can be seen commonly posted everywhere.

If we look over what´s behind the competition rules of Sony World Photography Awards, “FAQ´s” section tells as follows:

Can I submit manipulated images?

Images can be manipulated, however the manipulation must be clearly outlined within the image description.

Wow… not bad!!!!

By the way, who that manipulates any image will tell about it later at image description? … it might be a good question.


Going deep throughout the competition rules of Sony World Photography Awards, nothing can be found concerning any kind of request of RAW files submission for finalists or winners. That´s the standard procedure for any prestigious competition that wants to offer guarantees and credibility by proving the veracity of every photography (if we´re talking about “still photography”, not about a digital product performed by creative digital tools).

So, we surprisingly found Sony, as the major sensor manufacturer all over the world, supporting to certain extent works that by nature should be produced “in” their camera sensors, nor produced by image digital tools out of camera work.

As conclusion, the most relevant and priority enhancement that should be introduced at Sony World Photography Awards, is about aforementioned categories, putting in place guarantees of credibility and authenticity about the works submitted, by the introduction of RAW verification.

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