New collaboration with the international contest MAGICAL NATURE

New collaboration with the international contest MAGICAL NATURE

We are pleased to announce that IRCC begins a new collaboration with the international nature photography competition MAGICAL NATURE.

IRCC will be in charge of the verification and accreditation of the finalist photographs of the 2022 Edition of the MAGICAL NATURE contest.

Extract from competition rules (available here

NEW in 2021! Magical Nature begins a collaboration with the IRCC association which aims to assure the credibility of the context of nature photography through the certification of images authenticity. The RAW/JPEGs of finalists photographers will be analyzed and verified by IRCC software. As organizers of the competition, we receive a favorable or unfavorable opinion from the IRCC and Magical Nature is the sole judge of whether the photo will be selected and included in awarded list of images and catalogue or not. We recommend all participants to test your images at under voluntary basis for guarantee of admission.

The competition can be entered only online, over