IRCC ... Our public thanks

IRCC ... Our public thanks

In just two months, tremendously complicated by the sad circumstances that we are all having to face, since last February 10, when IRCC was launched, the participation records do nothing but confirm the magnificent welcome and excellent acceptance that the community photographic has given us.

For this reason, we want to thank the trust provided by all the photographers, photographic associations and competitions that have joined IRCC. Thank you very much!

Thank you so much …

To all the collaborators and especially to our technological partners, a team of 6 developers, with 2 engineers specialized in OpenCV, who have made possible the customized creation and availability of a powerful technological tool at the service of photographers.

To all the experts and reputed photographers, who in a desert of measurable unified objective criteria, you helped us with your contribution to agree on a new standard through the "IRCC certification".

To all those responsible and organizers of photographic competitions, both those who agreed to receive us and collaborate with your contributions to adjust and test the results of the certifications, as well as all those who have joined us or hope to do so soon after verifying transparency, methodology, objectivity and rigor of the IRCC certification processes.

To all national and international associations, who have decided to adhere to the IRCC the name of your association and spread the values ​​and philosophy of a project born by and for all photographers.

To all enthusiastic photographers who shared the need for harmonization and a reliable verification procedure, having helped us spread the IRCC message.

To all the photographers who daily, through your public or private registry and your images, you are contributing to corroborate that, despite the difficulty of this complicated journey recently initiated, we are on the right path.

And of course, to all the others, we invite you to conveniently inform yourself at in relation to any aspect of methodology and processes, and above all, try the certification of your images for free.

Again, thank you very much!