IRCC and AEFONA collaboration agreement

IRCC and AEFONA collaboration agreement

We are pleased to announce the collaboration agreement reached with the most important Association of nature photographers in Spain, AEFONA.

IRCC makes a platform available to the community of photographers through its website, where, through free user accounts, it provides its own space for the photographer where they can manage and administer their visual content and grant accreditation. credibility, based on a rigorous and objective methodology of analysis and diagnosis of his works.

Through this agreement, IRCC offers full free access to AEFONA members and grants them unlimited free credits to obtain IRCC certificates on their photographs. Thanks to this, all Aefona partner photographers will be able to enjoy public or private galleries, with their certified portfolios, on the IRCC website.

IRCC thus reaffirms itself in one of the main objectives that drove the creation of our association, being the purpose of this agreement that all Aefona members who wish to do so, feel as their own this tool at the service of photography, and that it can be reached to be valued as an indispensable complement in the comparative management of raw files.

More and more competitions and federations are using IRCC support as a help tool and an indispensable complement in the comparative management of original files. From IRCC we consider it essential that the tool is alive, evolving and in permanent use to adapt it in the best possible way to all the needs in the field of documentary photography, trusting that this agreement will contribute to this end.

AEFONA members who are interested and want to benefit from this collaboration agreement, only have to communicate it by email to, indicating the following information:

    - Name and surname

    - Partner number

    - Registration email address at

AEFONA will periodically communicate to IRCC ( the list of requesting photographers for free use, indicating the email address with which they have registered as users on the IRCC platform, proceeding to assign credits, which will allow them make use of IRCC services.

The collaboration agreement signed between AEFONA and IRCC is available at this link: SEE FULL AGREEMENT

At IRCC we continue to work to develop new collaboration agreements with other international associations and federations, some of which will be announced shortly.